Title: Partners In Crime
Author: Ian David Noakes
Price: £ 0.77
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

MILLY CLOUD’S husband did the dirty on her, using her credit card for hotel rooms, restaurant bills and sharp suits; NOAH SMITH has tried to better himself and quit his job – but failed to tell his wife when he couldn’t get another and turned to a credit card to cover it up; HARRY HOLMES thought he had a formula for winning the national lottery – he may be smart when it comes to Affidavits and Cross Examinations at University, but borrowing from a loan shark to purchase 5,000 lottery tickets wasn’t his brightest moment.

All three lives collide when Harry attempts (and fails) to take his own life in the park, but when a drug dealer pulls up selling drugs to kids they take it as a sign – rob the undeserving!

Are Milly, Noah and Harry just as bad as the people they steal from, or can they justify it by balancing a life of crime with good deeds and worthy targets?

PARTNERS IN CRIME is the comical first book of a series that will tussle with controversial current events: from law enforcement corruption to escalating debt problems, from political correctness gone mad to dysfunctional relationships.

And the question of ‘what is right, what is wrong, and how far people will attempt to bend morality if pushed in a corner and threatened to survive.

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