Title: Parallelism Of Cyclicality (Thought Notebook Journal 4)
Author: Kat Lahr
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In this issue of Thought Notebook Journal we studied instances of cycles carried out in the space and time continuum that we live in. From photography to painting to mixed media and the written word, this issue puts on display how cycles apply to our lives relative to one’s existence. Literary and visual artists from around the world record into the notebook real stories of life and the thoughts we generate about them, providing a glimpse into understanding ourselves and society, where our conscious has been, and the direction its going.

10% of all sales from this issue get donated to the Environmental Works organization.

Thought Notebook Journal is based on a true story: humanity’s story. This journal is a part of the Human Thought Project, allowing us to delve into the minds of humanity and learn more about who we are by documenting into the notebook, thoughts and expressions on particular subjects. www.thoughtnotebook.org/journal-issues

Thought Notebook Journal has won multiple awards for Indie Publishing, including the eLit Book Awards and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Anthology, Science, Ebook Nonfiction & New Age categories.

Contributors Include: Changming Yuan, Agata Wisniowska, CLS Ferguson, Miranda Embry, Lottie Krol, Tobias Oggenfus, Kristin Ingram, Amanda Hood, Andre Rubin, Angelina Keating, Cael Jacobs, Casey Lowry, Charles Malloy, Joseph Reich, J. Weintraub, Lydia Swartz, Nicole Danish, Nire Nah, Razia Fasih Ahmad, Paul Halpern, Ross Knapp, Sioux Rose, Smith Eliot, Stephen Mead, Sue Clancy, Gabrielle Zwick, Kat Lahr