Title: Operation Wolfe Cub (The Time To Tell, Book 1, Thriller Suspense)
Author: H.C. Wells
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Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This Book 1 of The Time To Tell series continues into Book 2 and is a controversial work of historical fiction involving domestic and worldly problems.

* * * * Nationally recognized ForeWord Clarion Reviews ranks Operation Wolfe Cub with 4 out of 5 stars.

The Time To Tell begins in 1944. A plan is hatched inside of Germany in the pursuit of peace for a thousand years. A young baby boy is whisked away in the night, identifiable only by the anklet he wears on his leg and the markings he bears on his head. In the dead of night in a most unusual storm he is put on a vessel headed for the safety of America. And with him is carried the fate of mankind.

Eddie Coolidge is a disabled American veteran who is unable to provide his wife Chantain with children…until the day he finds a mysterious baby washed ashore from a shipwreck near his home. Hoping against hope that this is the child he has always wished for, he takes the baby boy home to his wife. While at first elated, they soon begin to discover clues about the child’s origin as they watch in awe as he begins to demonstrate uncanny abilities…

A thought-provoking work of historical science fiction, H. C. Wells’s debut of his The Time To Tell series is a fascinating look at America’s history and the possible, hidden truths behind it.

A taut, well-paced thriller full of intrigue and almost unbearable suspense, Wells captures your attention from the novel’s opening action sequence and never relents, always staying two steps ahead with intricate plotting marked by sharp turns and surprising twists. A razor sharp ear for time and place lend authenticity, and the marvel of weaving a fictional tale infused by magical realism within true events is nothing short of astonishing. Full of gusto and quiet unease, Operation Wolfe Cub will have you questioning your beliefs and rethinking the meaningful moments of the past seventy years.