Title: One Way Or Another
Author: Lucy Barker
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Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(6)

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Meet Isla Morgan. Once upon a time she was writing songs and the adored girlfriend of super-hot popstar Nate Jones. Now she’s broke, single and stuck on the road trip to hell with her acid-tongued grandmother and a photographer who’s distracting her for all the wrong reasons.

Still reeling from the humiliation of being publicly dumped by Nate in favour of glamour model, Ruby Wright, Isla retreats to the sanctuary of her parents’ home to hide from the world and begin her new life plan: feeling sorry for herself. But every cloud has a silver lining, and Isla’s relentless agent, Miriam, has a plan that will turn her world around.

All she has to do is drive her eighty-nine year old grandmother, Nana Mac (she of the neon dresses and white beehive) to Inverness in the company of Bill, a struggling photographer who’s there to propel Isla back into the money. But is that the only thing Bill has on his mind?

As things start to heat up in the back of the SUV, Nate, freshly dumped by Ruby, is suddenly back on the scene and hell-bent on charming his way back into Isla’s affections. And he’s got company. But Isla’s not giving in without a fight and as secrets and lies are exposed she begins to wonder if anyone is what they seem.