Title: OGMIOS (Ogmios Team Novels)
Author: Steven Savile
Price: £0.99 till Oct 21, 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

In 2011 Steven Savile’s novel Silver was a smash hit, reaching #2 on Amazon and selling over 75,000 copies worldwide. Now the team return in these three breathtaking adventures:


With the discovery of the long lost Seal of Solomon–real or not—Ogmios Team members Konstantin and Orla find themselves in Jerusalem and Palestine fighting for their lives in a desperate race to stop all hell breaking lose. They don’t know who they can trust. They don’t know which way to turn next. All they know is they have to find the Seal while diverting the detonation of a dirty bomb at one of Jerusalem’s most holy sites.


During the basking summer heat a university-based archaeology team uncovers an ancient box bearing the image of Baphomet. Could this box-a crude yet sophisticated machine centuries ahead of its time-be a vital link to discovering the true nature of the Knights Templar’s relationship to the horned devil?

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