Title: Natural Remedies and Formulas for Your Home
Author: Cari Shumaker
Price: FREE
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Learning to do things for yourself and your family not only brings great satisfaction, but will also save you money, often having better quality than having store-bought items or paying to have something done for you, and also brings the wonderful benefit of self-sufficiency! Just think how wonderful it will feel to whip together ingredients you have on hand to make just the right formula for your homemaking need saving you tons of money and a trip to the store!
These remedies and formulas will help you be more self-reliant and chemical free, allowing your family to dwell in a natural, holistic environment, free of harmful chemicals! I encourage you to create many of these formulas with your children. They will benefit greatly from the know-how of making their own products, and from seeing their parent be creative and resourceful!
You and your family can enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing projects around your home, avoiding the extra costs of advertising and packaging for commercial products. Think how great this is for our beautiful Earth, too. Really, the only ‘green’ way to live is to purchase as few things as possible. Less garbage, less resources used in production, less oil used for transportation of goods, and less waste!
This book is more than just recipes for DIY cleaning products, it is also full of little tips and encouragement for how to create a more Holistic Home. Get ready to start using simple, easy to find, harmless materials to clean your home and take care of your body! Get ready to learn the age-old skill of improvisation! This is a skill we need to bring back, enjoy learning to be resourceful. Have fun and learn as you go!