Title: The Mekong Trap
Author: John McDougall
Price: FREE till Feb 05,2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Thomas Morton has a long history of being obsessive. He used to be a schoolteacher searching for meaning; now he’s a private investigator in Glasgow scrabbling for a livelihood. But that livelihood is about to dry up. So he’s quick to accept when a Thai restauranteur named Jarakee offers him a fat fee to run a seemingly innocent errand to Thailand. It helps that he’s to go with a girl – Dao – who’s more than pretty – she may just be the girl of his dreams. As they reach the heart of Thailand, there’s every sign that she’s as crazy about him as he is about her.

But a Thai smile is never what it seems. Jarakee has a hidden agenda – one that draws Thomas into a trap set by a trafficker and his henchmen. And Dao has her own agenda too, because in Asia family is everything and she has a sister and niece whose only hope is her. When the chips are down, who will she protect? As for Thomas, he’s a man of principle, but he’s also obsessed with Dao. How far will he compromise when he stands to lose her? And how long will he survive when he’s pursued by Thailand’s most ruthless killer?

The Mekong Trap takes the reader on a heart-stopping race through Thailand, and a rollercoaster ride through love. On this trip, the jaws of one crocodile or another are always ready to snap shut.

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