Title: Lucy The Cat
Author: Pertti Pietarinen
Price: £0.99 till Oct 30,2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Do you like cats? Children and Cat Lovers, this illustrated book is for You!

Meet Lucy, the most lovable, cute Sacred Birman Cat.

Especially cat lovers of all ages will enjoy this charming story about Lucy, the curious, cute Sacred Birman cat and it is excellent reading for 1-10 years old children. After reading this book you will certainly love Lucy The Cat.

When Lucy was a small kitten she had to move away from her cat mama. Now she lives happily with her human foster mom and dad. She is always very busy because she wants to help her mom and dad in all kind of daily chores. She loves especially watering flowers, because water is a big mystery. Sewing machine is also very interesting and what would be more fun than climbing up the Christmas tree. Lucy is a modern cat and wants to know what’s going on in the world. Laptop and iPad are excellent tools for that. And of course she is the boss and she has the final say.

I hope you like cats. I love them all.
White and black and big and small.
Fluffy or striped – doesn’t matter at all.
They are so cute I love them all.
Here comes my friend, Lucy The Cat.
Miss Lucy, please, tell your story. This book is yours.

Lucy loves you and wants to be your friend. Let Lucy tell her own story with beautiful pictures and her own words. Meow to everyone!