Title: Out Loud: 36 Twisted Tales (Funny Short Stories)
Author: Pete Barrett
Price: FREE
Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars(35)

This collection of funny short stories explores the deeply eccentric world of ordinary people and takes you to places you least expect. Includes:

PERVERT David leaves his bag at Linda’s flat and then rings and begs her not to open it. What shameful secret could it possibly hold?

DELIVERANCE Several times a day Richard must pass the man with a limp in the corridor, and he’s running out of strategies to avoid him.

CUCKOO Lizzie seems to be the perfect neighbour always looking to help, especially when things start to go seriously wrong, but are her motives as virtuous as they seem?

EASY MONEY Reginald hates his scrounging brother-in-law and jumps at the chance of being rid of him forever.

GOLD DIGGER Ivan is a rich man and seeks a partner who will love him for what he is, rather than what he has. At first, Kim seems to be such a woman, but then suspicion sets in.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Ian warns Nicola that he will not tolerate it if she ‘lets herself go’ after they’re married, and guess who’s putting on weight?

LOST AND FOUND With a suitcase of money beside him on the tube, the last thing Bill must do is fall asleep.

MAGENTA’S WEDDING Magenta plans her wedding with military precision. The only thing that could possibly go wrong, is her friends not being up to scratch on the day.

OLD FRIEND An old friend greets you in the street and you chat about old times. The trouble is, you just can’t remember who the hell he is.

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