Title: Libra Bundle Series: 3 Astrology Books In One – Great Value! (Love Relationship Books)
Author: Rosemary Breen (Psychic Revolution Publishing House)
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**This Libra Bundle Series is For YOU if You’re a Libra Looking for love; a Libra in Love; or You’re in Love with a Libra.** See What Others Say About all THREE Bundle Books: Longing For Love: Libra (List Price $ 4.99) PLUS Horoscope Compatibility For All The Zodiac Signs (List Price $ 6.99) PLUS Your Personal Horoscope Predictions (For All The Star Signs) 2013 – 2017 (List Price $ 2.99)
“Good for understanding any Libra relationship” Sa1nt412; “I was impressed at the phrases that kept popping…