Title: The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse
Author: Edwardo Morton
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Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Four grade school friends — Billy, Justin, Luis and Ed — all lived on the same block on Knight Street growing up.

Through thick-and-thin, they remained friends for life.

After watching “Young Guns” on the television set, when they were about 9 or 10 years old, they decided they wanted to be like “Billy the Kid” and the “Regulators” posse. They wanted to fight for what was right and good, and they wanted to help others.

They remained tight through college, then they went into the world, took jobs, and married. All of the guys had kids except for Billy, who was always the wild one in the bunch.

Unfortunately, at the age of 31, Billy was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Billy’s funeral was held on Halloween day in 2011, and the remaining members of the posse went to his graveside after the funeral, sat around Billy’s freshly-buried grave, drank beer and swapped stories about Billy’s life.

After several hours of drinking and reminiscing, the night took an odd twist, so odd that the three remaining members of the posse were forced to dig up Billy’s casket to see what was inside.

Told from the perspective of Ed, this story shares the humorous side of Billy’s life, and it shares the horrifying reason why three friends would dig up their recently deceased friend.

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