Title: Larry and Kate: A romantic comedy
Author: Dan Sofer
Price: FREE till April 03,2015
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)


Is my girlfriend a terrorist?

“It overwhelmed me with its rich style… not to speak of a surprise ending that I could not foresee… Bravo!” – Midstream Magazine

On a romantic trip to Israel, Larry discovers that there might be more to his new girlfriend than he ever imagined.

The first warning signs flare during a security check at Ben Gurion Airport, igniting his suspicions and sparking a series of events that hold grave implications both for their relationship and for Larry’s life.

“Larry and Kate” is a lighthearted but poignant tale that explores the tragic complexity of modern Jewish identity against the background of the leading tourist attractions of the Holy Land.

Dan Sofer is the author of A Love and Beyond, a romantic adventure set in Jerusalem that features mysterious crimes, ruthless secret societies, and a desperate bachelor.