Title: Knighthood (The Camelot Prophecies Vol #1 of 5)
Author: Lady Antiva (Camelot Hobbies)
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Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (6)
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[Updated to Ver 2.0 on 1 April 2012 with BONUS Content]

[Updated to Version 1.3 on Feb 19, 2012 with edits (e.g. tenses mix-up), and speeding up the action in the earlier chapters]

As King Arthur lay dying, his final command was for Sir Bedivere to return Excalibur to the blessed guardian of the lake. And so a grand era came to an end. But Morga Le Fay was not about to let the throne of Bretunia sit idle. With her fierce some Dragonarmies, she swept down from Castle Morgana,…