Title: Jesus On The Path To Glory: Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel [Kindle Edition]
Author: Ted Sugges
Price: £0.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Jesus On The Path To Glory Revealed By Angelo His Guardian Angel is the last book of a trilogy of eBooks about the first 30 years of Jesus Christ’s life. Each Book is told through the eyes of His most intimate friend, His guardian angel.
The first two books, “Jesus The Early Years” and “Jesus His Stories” depict the first 27 years of His life from His birth to what may have inspired the parables He used in His ministry.
“Jesus On The Path To Glory” is about the last three years of His life before He starts His mission.
He’s the favorite uncle who plays with children. He uses the gifts of the Magi to free slaves, and bring families together. He’s loved and admired by many but tastes the bitterness of betrayal when He’s falsely accused of a crime, and beaten by those closest to Him.
In the end He steps boldly onto the path to the glory of His destiny.
Angelo Custos, archangel and decorated veteran of the War for Heaven, doesn’t know what he’s in for when he agrees to be Jesus’ guardian angel. At first, the assignment is easy. But as soon as Mary and Joseph take Jesus out of the stable, Angelo realizes the forces of evil are everywhere, and he finds himself, always outnumbered by demons, in one spiritual battle after another. When he’s not battling demons, Angelo struggles with his instructions. Protect Jesus from evil, but allow Him to experience the pain, fear, anxiety, and betrayal that will prepare Him for His ministry.
One of the best things about writing historical fiction is the freedom a writer usually has to create a story based on his research to present the possibilities of what might have been. This is particularly true in a book about Jesus, because, as Scott Korb says in his book, Life in Year One, “No one really knows for sure what life back then was like.”
This makes writing a book about Jesus all the more challenging, because, for many of us, our belief in Him make us reluctant to consider possibilities we are not familiar with. Research for books like this must center on the Bible and historical documents of the times.
I invite you to explore the possibilities, and hope you will forgive whatever errors you may find. I can assure you, however, you will not find the Jesus of legendary fantasy that chases dragons out of caves.