Title: Jagged Night
Author: Iain Edward Henn
Price: £0.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

A gripping psychological thriller from the author of the Amazon bestsellers ‘The Delta Chain’ and ‘Disappear’
Ancient weapon…Modern assassin…Ultimate fear
Using medieval skills, a warrior targets corporate and political leaders with weapons from another age.
With each attack comes an untraceable, mass email, blending the ancient world with the modern and counting down to “the jagged night before The Dawn.”
Former CEO Tom Coulter suffers survivor guilt when his protégé is the first victim at a high profile convention.
Police face a dead end. Despite armed security and video surveillance, no one saw the killer enter or leave.
Together with his estranged wife Amy and her brother, an FBI agent, Tom is drawn deeper in to the mystery as more high-flyers are murdered.
In the north of England, a professor learns that his son’s murder on an archaeological dig is linked to a gang of tomb thieves.
Ultimately, Tom and Amy’s search crosses paths with the professor’s quest for justice. The more they learn, the closer the links they find between the two cases, leading them to a terrifying moment of truth in a spectacular wilderness. Pitted against a brilliant killer, they are ensnared in a conspiracy that has greater and far more devastating consequences.