Title: An Invitation to Hitler
Author: Bernard Neeson
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Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(15)

Summer 1940: Britain stands alone; its army smashed by the German blitzkrieg in France; the survivors barely rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk. In London, Winston Churchill is defiant, trying desperately to rally the nation, in the face of a threatened Nazi invasion of England.

But not all in the cabinet share his view. Some of them believe there is no option but to seek a deal with Hitler.

The all-conquering Nazi armies stand ready, 20 miles across the English Channel. But Hitler is hesitant. He would prefer the British to sue for peace. There are conflicting signals in Britain. The RAF appears to be weakening; there are reports of mutinies in the Royal Navy, peace marches, even hints of disloyalty involving the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Britain seems on the point of collapse.

Then an unknown group emerges and makes contact with the Nazis, seeking talks.

Who are these ‘Realists’? Is there even a traitor inside the cabinet?

Who has sent an An Invitation to Hitler?

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