Title: How to sell books – How I sold 1 million books
Author: Amit Offir
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Why did I write the book?
Over the years many people approached me and asked for me to help them in writing books and selling them. After talking with authors, experts in different fields and publishers, I understood that there is a large gap between the knowledge of a professional in the book industry and the basic misunderstanding of a “fresh” author that dreams about publishing his book, and is willing to pay a high price for it. The “fresh” author would have not paid such a high price if he had studied the subject and not just signed any contract with the publisher. The publisher knows that in most cases the cost of publishing a book will never be returned to the author, because the author has no knowledge about selling books, the publishers rely on their expertise, knowing that it is almost impossible to earn money by selling the books and it is a lot easier to get paid by the author and not just the sales. This is how the publishers started to convince the authors, saying that making profits from the books should not their main goal, but that the author usually is searching for the authority and putting their personal seal. With time the publishers started to convince the authors that this is the right method instead of looking for other ways in which the authors could earn money from their books, in addition to all the other benefits that a book can offer its author.