Title: Homemade Horse Treat Recipes – Easy Homemade Horse Treat Recipes
Author: Jack Boston (Easy Homemade)
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Horses just love cookies and treats.Here at last is "Homemade Horse Treat Recipes", a recipe book for making 20 different cookies and treats. 1.Holiday Treats for Horses2.Carrot Apple Cookies3.Easy Bars4.Everyday Cookies5.Oat Cookies6.Oat Cinnamon Cookies7.Carrot Cookies8.Apple Cookies9.Hard Working Cookies10.Cob Carrot Cookies11.Apple Horse Cookies12.Pear Cookies13.Big Batch Muffins14.Raisin Treats15.No Bake Cookies16.Mo’ Lasses Cookies17.Sweet Peppermint Bran Mash18.Tortilla…