Title: Home Goes The Warrior
Author: Jeff Noonan
Price: FREE till Oct 14,2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

An American Warrior battles Murderers, Thieves, and Spies! Navy Lieutenant Lee Raines returned to the States after being badly wounded in the Viet Nam jungles. Now he just wants to finish his service, marry his fiancée, and find a quiet home in the suburbs. Instead he finds himself caught between the Mafia and the FBI as he battles thieves, murderers and a Soviet espionage ring on the mean streets of Philadelphia. Working with the FBI, Lee discovers that over a hundred million dollars have been stolen from Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. He investigates the theft and makes headway toward solving it. Instead of the quiet homecoming he wanted, Lee finds himself back in a war zone, dodging bullets, fighting thugs, and battling a mysterious sniper.

Eventually he finds the thieves and survives a bloody showdown with them. But when the thieves are eliminated, Lee discovers that the shipyard has even bigger secrets. The thieves had only been a smoke-screen, designed to distract attention from a huge espionage operation. Now he was being forced to fight a vicious Russian spy ring that had been stealing the Navy’s secrets for three decades! A spy ring that had been providing the Soviets with the capability to destroy the entire United States Navy! ********** Only Marie was still awake, and now she had a chrome-plated pistol in her hand. It was pointed at him! “I’ve waited years for this, you degenerate son of a bitch.” Her voice was calm and pitched so low he had to strain to hear it. “We gave you a chance to be something, but all you could think of was your dick.

Now it’s payback time, asshole. This is for every time you ever touched me or any other woman without our permission.” With that she fired once, hitting him just above the point where his pants legs came together. He screamed and gasped simultaneously, a choking, muffled confusion of sounds. He sagged to a sitting position on the floor, holding his groin with one hand and the table with the other. He was staring wildly at the people around him, looking for help, but they all seemed to be sleeping. Marie laughed merrily at his confusion. “They’re all dead, you idiot.” ************ Lee suddenly realized that there was only one possible explanation. They had to be spies! If so, this was huge.

The shipyard’s electronics manager, like his father before him, had access to virtually every secret the Navy possessed! My God! They’ve had the design details of our shipboard weapons and electronic systems, as well as all of our radio/radar frequencies and codes, for the past thirty years! If they’ve been passing them on to Russia or China, our Navy is doomed in any kind of shooting war. This is an international game-changer!

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