Title: The Healthy Homemade Dog Food Cookbook
Author: Charlie Fox
Price: FREE till Sept 24,2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(3)

The Healthy Homemade Dog Food Cookbook has recipes for all dogs – including healthy dogs as well as dogs with various health conditions.

It includes vegetarian, gluten-free and special occasion dog food recipes, BARF diet advice, general dog health and nutritional considerations, including what you should never feed your dog to keep it happy and healthy.

Check out the recipes for diabetic dogs, dogs with heart conditions, food sensitivities and allergies, and learn how to make tasty dog biscuits, stews, fishcakes, cinnamon apple crisps, dehydrated food, christmas and thanksgiving dog food recipes, and many more recipes your dog will absolutely love. This book will even show you how to make natural shampoo and conditioner for your best pal.

Written by a chef and dog-lover, the “Beg Worthy” recipes in this cookbook will have them beggin’ for more!

Every good dog deserves to be spoiled. This book goes out to all the loyal companions out there that give so much but don’t expect much in return – only love, and hopefully, some tasty food! – Charlie Fox

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