Title: There Are No Gods for Arthropods: The Sourwood
Author: Richard Wolanski
Price: FREE till Jan 29, 2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

The human race has disappeared and discarded the world as a leftover. But in their absence, it is the insects that emerge and form an interdependent society. They live in the giant Sourwood, the last great sanctuary since a catastrophic incident one-hundred and fifty years ago.

Fig, a lint sized mite, toils away pruning the dead leaves off of the Sourwood. He, like most insects, will live a short life and in twenty-seven days he will die. After witnessing a horrific murder, Fig is confronted with his own fleeting fate. He crosses paths with the nihilistic Fly King who offers Fig a chance—the promise of eternal life. With only the name of Alice Abernathy and a crew of bug bunglers, Fig must wander through the twisted realm outside of the Sourwood where he will discover a truth the Fly King has been hiding for over 300 years.

There Are No Gods for Arthropods is a satirical dark fantasy and an episodic novella series. Short enough to read in a single sitting, and yet, terrifying enough to keep you awake till midnight. Episode one is—THE SOURWOOD.

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