Title: Getting Thin By Tuning In – Follow Your Hunger to the Body of Your Dreams! (Strategies for Getting Thin By Tuning In)
Author: Zara Neville
Price: FREE till Aug 12, 2013
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Do you want to lose weight and start enjoying life in a thin, trim beautiful body, without the need for dieting or exercise?
If you want to put dieting behind you and lose weight and once and for all live in the beautiful, thin body nature intended for you, then Getting Thin by Tuning In is for you!
If you have struggled with a weight issue for some time, fruitlessly going on diet after diet in an effort to lose weight, you will discover that the answer to having a thin, beautiful body has been with you all along.

You will be surprised to find that the answer to long-term, sustainable weight loss and the living in the thin body of your dreams has been crying out for your attention while you have been neglecting it, on a fruitless search, looking for it in the words of the latest diet guru’s, diet books, meal plans or even in the advice of your next door neighbour.

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