Title: Get Rid of Mice and Rats Now
Author: Martin Duguay
Price: FREE
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Over the past 5 years I have operated my own pest control business along with my Father who has 25 years in the biz. Between what I’ve learned from my Father and my own first-hand experiences running my business – I’ve discovered proven methods which can be used repeatedly to permanently eliminate rodents.
No matter where you have rodents, whether it’s your Home, your RV, an Office, or whatever kind of structure, the steps to permanently solving your rodent problem are essentially the same.
And… what most people don’t know is, even if you have no experience with rodent removal YOU CAN PERMANENTLY REMOVE THE RODENT YOURSELF. In fact, it’s not even difficult if you know what to do and how to do it.
Over the years I’ve experimented with various techniques, from traps, to poisons, to powders and baits. In fact, I’ve pretty much tried everything. Along the way I’ve discovered what really works, what I and many of my clients consider a full proof system to permanently eliminating mice and rats.
Although I would love to travel to your home, it’s likely not feasible and also not necessary. You don’t have to hire an expensive professional as you can easily eliminate your rodent problem yourself with the right instructions and system.
This is why I’ve developed a simple, easy to follow, step-by-step system that’s not only proven, but guaranteed to remove rats and mice from your home or any other structure.
‘Get Rid of Mice and Rats Now’ full proof system will guide you through inspection, identification, and permanent removal of your rodent problem.
The complete book covers everything I personally do to permanently rid homes and other structures of mice and rats.
First, I uncover tips and techniques that the professionals don’t share openly. In the rodent removal business there are some easy short-cuts, and simple techniques that are uncommon knowledge. I’m going to share with you what these secrets are, and how they will efficiently and economically resolve your rodent problem.
Secondly, I cover the basics and make everything easy. I realize you may have NO experience with rodents so I wanted to make my system drop dead simple. I even tested the techniques with my 6 year old son and explained everything in a way even he could understand. I know if he can follow the system, you can.
Additionally, I’ve included several blueprints for various structures so you know what, if any equipment you should invest in. I outline what to use, how much, and exact placement strategies. These are the same blueprints professional pest control businesses use.
So what’s inside the book…
-Exact techniques used by professional pest control businesses. You will learn what work!
-Simple and EASY TO UNDERSTAND explanations and illustrations
-Blueprints for a variety of structures. You will know exactly how to approach the problem.
-Clarity on baits, powders, food, rodenticides and more.
-Trap placement strategies that gets results. Stop wasting time experimenting.
-Exclusion techniques to permanently rid rodents from any structures.
-A product help list to get more economical products to do the job.

You should also know, I’ve gone through great detail to ensure that my system helps you to remove your rodent problem once and for all. However, I realize you may have a specific question or problems you want help with. As my customer you receive my full support for any questions you may have.
I’m extremely confident I can help you rid your home or structure of mice and rats.
Remember, you have nothing to lose but your mice & rats!