Title: From Partying to Praying: My Story, God’s Glory
Author: Rose Shackelford
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Find Inspiration in One Woman’s Path to God!

“All I saw was his fist flying directly into my right eye… I was in shock.”
When you read From Partying to Praying: My Story, God’s Glory by Rose Shackelford, you’ll discover how she escaped an abusive boyfriend by joining the Air Force. However, before she fled, she addresses how a life of partying started, as well as the affects of her adverse childhood. The military may have provided an outlet to the outward abuse, but Rose still had a smorgasbord of internal battles she had to face. Being completely oblivious to the magnitude of her impulsive decision, Rose was about to embark on a journey that would expose her to the whole world, totally opposite of her secluded country living.