Title: The Forgotten Tale of The King In Yellow by
Author: Simon O’Hanlon
Price: FREE till Dec 29,2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

“Somewhat hesitantly she put her body against the weighty wooden door and pushed it open, flooding soft light from the room into the gloomy passageway. Although she had been in the dark for just a few minutes, it had seemed longer and her eyes took a little while to adjust to the light. After a few seconds, however, Charlotte Lively could see that she was in a library.”

When a young author is invited to meet the renowned novelist Chester Addingail, she finds herself brought by secret passageway to the Alexandria Library, a collection of lost and forgotten books buried deep within the Hellfire Caves. Chester has a tale to tell which he cannot write himself.

His story is set in an unfamiliar New York where the US government has built a macabre Lethal Chamber. Here, the troubled artist Hildred Castaigne seeks counsel from a deformed eccentric called Mr Wilde, who is a Repairer of Reputations.

Hildred desires to read a banned play called The King In Yellow, which has driven readers to the edges of insanity and beyond. As Charlotte learns of Hildred’s fate, she realises there is far more to discover about this dark tale, and the horrifying entity that inspired the play…

“Oh what wickedness; the hopeless damnation of a soul who could fascinate and paralyse human creatures with such words, words understood by the ignorant and wise alike, words which are more precious than jewels, more soothing than heavenly music, more awful than death itself.”

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