Title: Fix your marriage: Why you’re in a rut. The ultimate guide to solve marriage problems and save your marriage for life. (fix your marriage, marriage, sacred … marriage help, sacred, god, love, save)
Author: Gavin Bird
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Learn How To Overcome Your Marriage Problems And Fix Them, Permanently!

As you read this, there are millions of people who right now, are going through their very own marriage problems. Here’s where you’re different….the fact you are reading this description means you are one of a small percentage that actually take action to change their lives. Please accept my heart felt congratulations and best wishes!

From here onwards, no matter what happens, you will come through this because you are not the type of person to settle for something you know could and should be amazing. If you are in need of marriage counselling and you want to make your marriage last, then this book will help you.

The truth is marriages almost always fail becuase of these 5 reasons:

Extramarital Affair
Loss of Interest
Shirking Responsibilities
Lost Intimacy
Lack of Appreciation

If anone of these 5 points has relavence to your situation, you should buy this book.
Here is a preview of what you will learn

What is a successfull marriage
How to spot the problems we all face, before they are problems
How to stay in Love
How to sharpen your communication skills. The foundation of any successfull marriage
The importance of shared values and goals
How to be grateful
Additional tips and much much more!