Title: Fall, Leaves, Fall: Book 1: The Cletherwood Trilogy
Author: Mike Driver
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

A supernatural conspiracy thriller.

James Bridge returns to his hometown, twenty years after the murder of his childhood friend at the hands of a notorious local serial killer. Haunted by ghosts of the past and a community that would rather hide its secrets Bridge has to face the living and the dead to prevent history repeating.

Praise for Mike Driver’s fiction:

Poppets by Mike Driver is another highlight. It’s set on a rundown estate ruled over by a drug dealer and his monstrous dog. Resident Hubert Callow feels that his religion has deserted him and that God no longer cares, so turns to the occult for help, but ultimately reverts to type. The story is grim, one of economic and moral squalor, with Callow’s crisis of conscience and faith at its heart, Driver interweaving these various elements with skill. He does bring a twist at the end, two in fact, but these seem to naturally arise from what has gone before, a proper resolution to the story rather than the pretext for it. And he introduces a sliver of hope, showing that even if we cannot alter the course of our own lives the sacrifices we make can be an example to others. The excellence of the story was matched perfectly by the clean lines of Mark Bell’s powerful artwork. Review by Peter Tennant – Whispers of Wickedness

“I couldn’t help thinking that Mike Driver has worked a night shift or two after reading “Night Milling.” Through a series of flashbacks and flashforwards, readers are shown a crime and its perpetrator… the story itself was wickedly gratifying. “
Tangent Review of Night Milling in Shimmer Magazine

“Ol’ Ginger” by Mike Driver
Ol’ Ginger’s job was to guard the hens from rats and foxes, but not for whatever crept into the barn one evening. He knew he should have been by the farmer’s side when he investigated rather than cowering in the dirt, but he was a coward. This intriguing mix of horror and fantasy has a nice twist at the end. Review at Wizzley.com