Title: Executive Compensation (St. James Financial Thriller Series)
Author: Don Plenter
Price: £0.77
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

New York People’s Bank was sold, screwing Dexter St. James out of his rightful executive compensation. He discovers a scheme to rip off the bank for $300 million by funneling the money off shore through the Caymans – he jumps on it. A beautiful but evil Dominatrix holds the key, but the plan spirals out of control, so tracks must be covered, deals with the underworld must be made, and lives cannot be spared. The move to the dark side comes at a price St. James was not prepared to, but must pay.
Computer code at the bank’s secure central data center was sabotaged and ghost accounts were created in an ingenious attempt to steal $300 million by wiring money to Venezuela through the Cayman Islands. If they pull it off – the bank won’t even know that the money was stolen. St. James discovers that his assistant of many years is a beautiful but skilled psychotic killer. The chase for the money through the Caribbean and Venezuela turns into a deadly cat and mouse game between St. James, Serena Diaz and Jim McCarty of the FBI. The bodies pile up as a new home for the money is secured. After all, it’s not easy to park $300 million dollars. St. James must contract with bankers willing to deal with the underworld – for a fee. Competition for the money is intense, and dangerous allegiances must be struck because there’s only victory or death.

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