Author: Marta Tandori
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Just Say No! to Froggie Dissections…

When their seventh-grade science class is picked for a new frog dissection program, best friends Gaby and Squidge want no part of it. Their passionate arguments to use a robotic frog fall on deaf ears and the launch of their “Just Say No! to Froggie Dissections” campaign is sabotaged by the mysterious FROGW.A.X. at every turn. Thanks to FROGW.A.X., the two friends are soon knee-deep in detentions and the laughingstocks of Francis B. Xavier Middle School – until an itchy allergic reaction lands Gaby a part in a major Hollywood movie. Suddenly, the former Baby Bottoms Up, prince of the diaper rash commercials, has legions of adoring fans and a campaign that’s back on track – until KuKuBoy, the canine star of the movie, is dog-napped and FROGW.A.X. is publicly exposed during a food fight that headlines the six o’clock national news!