Title: Edible Plants for Preppers
Author: Amanda Rofe (Editor, Photographer)
Price: FREE till Jan 11,2015
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Edible Plants for Preppers is an indispensable guide for anyone interested in being more resilient and self-sufficient in food during these uncertain times.

It includes information on where to find food during a crisis, what to eat, grow and store. It gives a list of the best plants to grow during the cold winter months and which supply tea, coffee, sugar, milk and cream. Also includes how to make salt and yeast.

Chapters include fruit, vegetables, peas and beans, nuts and seeds, grain, culinary/medicinal plants, wild plants, flower and house plants, sea vegetables, fungi and lichen, plus water and how to make it safe to drink.

Written for those living in the British Isles and discusses whether the UK can be self-sufficient in food. Edible Plants for Preppers is also relevant to anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere such as North America and Canada.