Title: DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE (The Book of Baker)
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From a writer with a dry, rascally sense of humor and a “nothing-is-sacred” attitude, DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE is the first book in the BOOK OF BAKER series. It’s a satirical, irreverent and thought-provoking novel about life in 2020, full of unexpected twists and turns, laugh-out-loud characters and fast paced events. As Clarke says: “it’s humor that allows us to lighten up about serious subjects, chuckle at life’s absurdities and experience flashes of insight. If you like a good laugh, have an open mind and are willing to look at life through different eyes, you’ll enjoy this book.”
Sean Baker’s life changes forever when he discovers a 100,000 year old manuscript “The Texts of Praetus” written by an advanced civilization, warning of a world headed towards self-destruction.  Inspired by “The Texts” he writes Dreams from the Death Age – a book whose enlightened message resonates with such intensity that it becomes a best seller overnight.  Idolized by tens of thousands of cult-like followers who discuss THE BOOK in hushed whispers Sean finds himself thrust on the world stage in an unlikely yet pivotal role. But with blind adulation also comes the danger of misinterpretation and manipulation.
Enter Lillian Schatsheimer – the overconfident, overachieving, loud-mouthed campaign manager of Senator Ballsfield’s failing bid for the US Presidential election.  Muscling in on Sean’s fame, Lillian spins her candidate’s egotistical, abrasive image, declaring he’s been transformed by THE BOOK and now lives his life according to its values and principles. In her blissful ignorance, she unwittingly sets in motion political chaos and a cult movement with both hilarious and disastrous consequences.
But as the old saying goes “you can’t turn a frog into a prince”. As events spin out of control, the lone voices of reason seem to be those of Sean and his Australian girlfriend Dawn. But what, if anything, did they learn from the mysterious and cryptic “Texts” that could avert disaster? And will there be anyone left to listen?

Clarke has this amazing ability to create these wacky, interesting characters and situations that we recognize all around us but maybe have been too afraid to laugh out loud at, for fear of what other people might think .. I highly recommend it, clever, interesting, you never knew where it was going and I couldn’t put it down. Carina Lipinsky.
DREAMS FROM THE DEATH AGE is the first book in the BOOK OF BAKER series followed by ARMAGEDDON (Part 2) now available on Amazon Kindle and to be followed by GENESIS REVISITED (Part 3) expected to be published early 2013.
Book length 134,979 words.

AFN Clarke is the author of numerous other fiction books of various genre – thrillers, suspense, intrigue, drama – and the best selling author of CONTACT, his first work of non-fiction.