Title: Descent into Mayhem (Capicua Chronicles Book 1)
Author: Bruno Goncalves
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Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Mankind has slowly extended its reach towards the surrounding star systems, the elusiveness of faster-than-light travel and the vastness of time and space conspiring to sever the link between Earth and its offspring colonies.
After two hundred years of isolated but pacific existence, one such colony, inhabiting the fertile super-Earth which orbits Gliese 667, finds itself confronted with a violent and uncompromising attempt by a newly arrived Earthborn paramilitary force to impose annexation through force of arms.
Toni Miura is one local inhabitant who, in his efforts to escape his domestic troubles, chooses to join Capicua´s decrepit armed forces, aiming for the privilege of driving the Hammerhead, a bipedal armored Suit which is the epitome of his planet´s ailing warrior spirit.
With the arrival of the Earthborn, Toni´s platoon of misfit youths, unprepared for the challenges ahead and plagued with internal differences, finds itself suddenly thrown into the midst of battle. Abandoned by their seniors in the course of their mission, Toni and the remnants of his unit find themselves lost in the wilderness of a world which, due to the nature of its orbit and rotation, suffers periodically from hurricane conditions on a planetary scale.
Thus begins a race against time, where the cadets must outmaneuver a pursuing enemy in the boondocks of a turbulent planet, all the while seeking to deliver an odd but important Bavarian prisoner-of-war to their Headquarters.