Title: Darkness (Demons, Gods & Goddesses Trilogy)
Author: Laurie Ann Butcher
Price: £0.77
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(3)

On a cold and grim night, high up in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania, Hotarat Vanator meets with fate.

Tormented by the knowledge that his tribe may not survive the brutal winter, he returns empty-handed from a hunt only to have his worst fears fulfilled. His tribe has been virtually annihilated… but not by hunger. They have all been murdered and mutilated. All that remain are himself and the four men who had accompanied him on the hunt.

Cloaked in darkness, the five men blindly comb through the village, desperately searching for survivors, but what they find instead is certain death.

As the night progresses, the silence is shattered, and one by one the men fall into the clutches of death—until only one man remains—Hotarat Vanator, the hunter of the tribe… but the hunter has now become the hunted.

Primed to fight, knowing he is going to die in the process, he stoically faces the enemy. When it finally shows itself to him, an abomination of nature, he realises that there is more at stake than his life—darkness and death have entered the world of the living.

In the ensuing battle he will be changed forever. Hotarat Vanator, the last of his tribe, will become the first of his kind. Now, more than ever, he has earned his title. He is the hunter.

Sarah Fortensky, a gentle-natured beauty, brought up by a heartless and cruel father, knows only fear and despair. Her father is a highly powerful and feared man—only a select few are permitted to go near her… no one else would dare. Although her life is an endless series of parties, balls and soirées, she is always, amidst hundreds, alone. She has learned to survive the cruelty, live with the fear, but the loneliness weighs heavily upon her… until she meets Lord Hotar de Brevere, an enigmatic and darkly sensual man—the only man she has ever met who does not fear her father.

He is a man like no other. Mysterious, dangerously seductive and extremely attractive, she is immediately drawn to him, but his arrival in London is not a coincidence. He is an immortal hunter, and he means to destroy her father.

In his strong arms she will finally learn the truth of who she is, and discover the purpose for her existence. There can never be secrets between them—the bonds that tie them are stronger than love itself. Their fates have been intertwined, destiny written.

She is his salvation.

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