Title: No Damn Contact: The No Contact Rule for Idiots (V3)
Author: Timiarah Camburn
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

*This is Volume 3 of a series/continuing story.*

Have you ever tried to do the “no contact rule” and failed miserably? Have you tried several times to let go of that one destructive relationship that almost left you emotionally dead? Are you tired of making excuses for yourself? Well, so is T. Enough is enough. No more damn contact. Set your cell phone on fire, handcuff yourself, or pluck yourself in the thigh. You’re not talking to that person anymore.

“No Damn Contact” is a hybrid diary-manual type work that provides you with a modernized version of the no contact rule guidelines from a deeply emotional and insightful first person perspective. You will travel on a long journey with the main character as she struggles against temptations, addictive patterns, and her resistance to change.

In Volume 3, T transitions from depression into peacefulness, but not before sucking on a few lemons and slapping a few wankers. She also shares some tips on how to get through a depressive episode.