Title: Coping with Anxiety Disorder: How to stop Anxiety Tension (Self relief, Anxiety free, Anxiety book, Anxiety, Anxiety cure, mental health, mental illness)
Author: Patricia Carlisle
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You’re about to discover proven steps on how to get relief and manage anxiety. Anxiety is a very common human emotion. However, it can reach at its extreme condition, which is considered as mental illness. It has several negative impacts on body, mind and soul of a person. As a result, that person faces various problems, such as, lack of concentration. This book is designed to help these persons. It provides several ‘Anxiety tools’ to manage and relief from anxiety. These are proven techniques; various researchers, scientists and psychiatrists suggest them. many of them are being used since the ancient time.
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What is Anxiety Disorder
Types of Anxiety
Sign and Symptoms
Techniques to manage Anxiety
Assess your stress
Free help guide
Score you stress level
Much, much more!