Title: Children's eBooks, "The Adventures of FireyBug" Children's Picture Books, Animals, Bugs and Spiders, Nursery Rhymes, Bedtime and Dreaming (Children's PictureBooks in Stunning HD Fire Quality)
Author: MaSSiMo (Curious Kids)
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Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (2)
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Dive into The Adventures of FireyBug.A Children’s Picture Book with 28 Stunning HD Fire Quality pages. An Interactive Story Book for Children.

Follow FireyBug through His Firey Forest Adventure as FireyBug faces the danger of a forest fire and helps all the creatures of the forest escape by lighting the way with his FireyBug shine.

Help FireyBug save the Creatures of the Forest from a fire.
The Adventures of FireyBug Features The story has a rhyming text to help kids read….