Title: Children’s book: Noah’s Good Night Dream Blanket (Bedtime & Dreams Children’s Books Collection)
Author: L.K. Shila
Price: FREE till Aug 26,2015
US Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 stars(81)

Amazon Best Seller Children’s Book Ages 3-5

“As I close my eyes, one…. two… three….

Sweet dreams do please come to me.

I am falling asleep, and I wish you a good night.

My happy thoughts will bring me dreams that are just right.”

If you have ever had a problem with putting your young one to bed, or having them stay in their own bed, then “Noah’s Good Night Dream Blanket” may be the perfect book to add to your child’s library.

This wonderful children’s book will capture their imagination with its fun rhyming storyline, and it will keep their attention with 17 beautifully done illustrations.

Written for children ranging in ages 2-4 , 3-5 , 2-6 it is a fun reading experience for the whole family.

Join Noah as he declares that he is not tired, and is not ready to go to bed. Does this sound familiar?
Noah is about to get a special gift.

His blanket isn’t just any blanket, it is a dream blanket, and it is the blanket that he already has on his own bed!

When his Mother tells him how special his blanket is, and how it brings sweet dreams, Noah is a bit doubtful, but very curious.

Noah then falls fast asleep, and has many adventures, meets many other young ones, and shares with them how they too can have a special dream blanket.

Because Noah learns about how special his own blanket was all the time, and how much fun he has in his dreams, he is eager to share this experience with others.

Noah builds his self-confidence and self-esteem as he helps out others.

This book sends out the message of positive thinking, and is a book that you will be asked to read time and again.

Enjoy your copy today.