Title: Capuchin Tour Guide
Author: John Robert McCauley
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Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

In this story, Costa Rican historic events are intertwined with fiction. Regina, who was raised on the United Fruit Company Palm Oil Plantation near Manuel Antonio National Park, embarks on an amazing adventure chasing a symbol of immortality. She escapes devastating volcanic eruptions, jungle dangers and street gangs in a mesmerizing narrative which features vivid detail and pictures and discovers deeper truths about how ancient and modern Central-American people view the world. Her adventure draws her together in friendship and love with Henri. This novel explores such issues as the threats facing cherished, wildlife species, the eco-friendly nature of Costa Rican National Parks with their mysterious Capuchin Monkeys and Resplendent Quetzals and recurrent nature of volcanoes, where death and later life comes from the same ash.

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