Title: Broken Heart Syndrome
Author: Susie Tate
Price: FREE till Jan 15,2015
Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 stars(42)

Some extracts from UK reviews:
‘Delicious escapism’
‘totally gripping’
‘I laughed and cried my way through the book’
‘well-paced fun read’
‘Hilarious and addictive’
‘Totally lush’
‘The characters are powerful and convincing and the plot enthralling’
‘couldn’t put it down’

Shy, reclusive Frankie and her best friend Lou obsess over Thomas G. Longley, as they reverently refer to him, for their entire first two years of medical school. So when he publicly humiliates her at the student bar she is devastated.

Ten years later, Frankie has to work in the testosterone driven environment of Cardiology before she can start her palliative care training and, to her dismay, Tom is her boss.

Thankfully the subject of her long-term crush doesn’t seem to remember her and, given her ability to blend into the background, she’s not really surprised. What does surprise her is how cruel he is. Sure he squished her self esteem like a bug at Uni, but the Tom she spent many a pointless lunch break covertly watching seemed easy going and quick to smile; not an uptight, overly critical bully.

Between passing out in theatre and being covered head to foot in the bloody vomit of ‘Scary Glenda’ (A&E’s most frequent, frequent flyer), she can’t wait to get through the six months.

Although she’s too timid to tell Tom to jog on when she is his only target, when it’s her patients that he starts trampling she decides to grow a backbone, and Tom begins to see that she is not the cold, aloof woman he once thought.