Title: Blitz Kid (Rachel Pearse)
Author: Eliza Graham
Price: £0.77
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

London 1940. Rachel is alone and adrift in a stricken city as the Blitz reaches its most deadly stage and thousands die in nightly air raids. Her father is under arrest as a suspected spy, her mother seriously ill in hospital. As bombers pound the city each night, she struggles to survive in the blackout alongside London’s criminals and to unearth the real traitors. A young man offers her friendship and support. Can she trust him, or is he just an opportunistic looter viewing her as another victim of war to exploit? Young adult/12-plus. Published in British English.
About the Author
Eliza lives with her husband and children and Scottish terrier dog in a cottage in a very muddy part of Oxfordshire, which means that the house is never as neat as it should be, especially as she prefers reading and writing to vacuuming floors. When she was at school, Eliza used to read novels behind her text books because they were more interesting than lessons. Blitz Kid is her first book aimed at people of about 12-plus who enjoy a bit of history and adventure. Eliza grew up in London, at a time when there were still old air-raid shelters to play in as well as the odd bomb site, all of which made her very keen to learn more about the Blitz.

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