Title: Black Web – Book 1: The Order (The Joe Grace Thriller Series)
Author: Peter Wilben
Price: FREE till July 18,2013
Rating: – out of 5.0 stars

The Slickest Thriller Of The Year. Don’t Let It Slip Through Your Hands.

Black Web, Book 1: The Order, from Peter Wilben, the Master of Pace and Plot

POWER – On Wall Street, enigmatic ex-commando Joe Grace is caught up in the frenzy of the oil futures market, the fastest game in town.

PASSION – When a new, mysterious client shows up with an order that will rock the oil market to its foundations, Joe finds himself attracted to much more than cash.

PLUNDER – But when the price of oil begins to crash and Wall Street demands its price, Joe finds himself trapped in a web of fear and intrigue as the market sucks him dry.

“Entertaining in the extreme . . . you never reach a point at which it seems sensible to stop reading.”

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