Title: Barry Braithwaite’s Last Life
Author: A R Lowe
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars(26)
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“Barry tugs at the heartstrings as you feel totally immersed in his world as he negotiates his own, very particular journey.”Barry Braithwaite has fallen just about as low as a man can go. He is living in a skip in a grim northern town when a chance encounter with Alfred, a self-confessed ‘over-read, middle-aged, under-achiever’ changes the course of his life. Barry and Alfred’s journey takes them through an amusing labyrinth of officialdom into a new territory of self-discovery for both men. A lighthearted, satirical but penetrative tale about life on the edge of society and the choices open to modern man.”Punctuated with humour, it’s easy to warm, sympathise and, on occasion, empathise with the book’s main characters – all striving to make the best of the hand life has dealt them.””A great read which cleverly encapsulates the battles, defeats and victories faced by many throughout their lives.”