Title: Awaken (The Awakener Series Book 1)
Author: R.E.S. Tidmore
Price: FREE till Jan 22,2016
US Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(30)

Lily McMaster traveled to the backcountry of Northern Idaho to find a way to help her best friend, Rachel, who was going through a psychological breakdown. Before she and her guide begins the journey, she starts hallucinating, and feels a bloodheat that threatens to tear her apart.

Is she also going out of her mind like Rachel? Or are the hallucinations a glimpse of past lives forgotten? How is she connected to the hard, muscled warrior guiding her?

Unknown to her, she was on her way to the site of both her past and future. The bloodheat foretells her birthright as the Awakener of Souls… and the man walking beside her holds her salvation.