Title: Autism By Hand
Author: Lorca Damon
Price: FREE
Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars(17)

“I never wanted to write this book. I can’t write this book, it hurts too much. But I have to because this book wasn’t there when I needed it. It’s not a human-interest story or a self-help book or an instruction manual on how to raise an autistic child. It’s simply a well-thought out laundry list of everything I did to help my daughter be the best person she could become and I did it in the dark because this book wasn’t there for me.” from the Introduction

Be sure to check out the author’s follow-up to this title: Knowing Autism. Written as a chapter-by-chapter guidebook for anyone who simply knows an individual on the spectrum, Knowing Autism equips people to be ready to interact with an autistic person based on the type of relationship they will have with that person, such as a relative, a neighbor, a teacher, and more.

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