Title: American Jackal: A Troy Stoker, M.D. Psychiatry Thriller (The Troy Stoker, M.D. Psychiatry Thrillers Book 1)
Author: Dr. Francis Bandettini
Price: £0.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Psychiatrist, Troy Stoker, M.D., bursts onto the psychiatry thriller landscape when his high-profile patient, the lieutenant governor-elect’s wife, makes a simple mistake that could cost her everything, including her life, and brings her face to face with an American jackal.

In this confrontation with corruption, Ann Higgins stumbles into the underworld life of a high-ranking South Dakota statesman; and she catapults her psychiatrist, Troy Stoker, M.D., into the conflict. When her chilling discovery threatens to devastate a politician’s secret dominion, Ann ends up dangling from a makeshift noose and fighting for her survival, while plunging Dr. Stoker even deeper into the battle of minds, muscles and new tech.

Dr. Stoker enlists Errol Rivera, a fellow physician and military attaché to help unravel the mystery and take on the challenges set before them. Together Stoker and Rivera use their brilliant intuition, psychiatric savvy and military skills to pursue the veiled, corrupt politician and hunt down his criminal pack.

Still, Stoker is unaware that his Cuban-born, patriot friend, Rivera, is much more than a doctor with a hero’s past. At his command, Rivera unleashes an elite band of warriors who engage their training, guts, technology and weaponry to confront the corruption.

Hold on and jump into this gritty thrill ride as the new hero, Troy Stoker, M.D., emerges in an explosive new political and psychiatry thriller, American Jackal.

Who’s Troy Stoker? He’s a psychiatrist . But, to understand who Stoker is now, it helps to understand who he was as a rookie army medic circa 1992.

“I don’t give a damn if it’s an order or not an order. It’s just the right thing!” Stoker thought about his dilemma. “Let’s pull this jeep right up in front of his cozy little sunshade. You take over this wound! I can take an officer’s reprimand, but I can’t live with this man dying.”

Forty-five seconds later, the driver skidded the jeep to a stop right in front of the radio operator’s sunshade. “Call back that helicopter!” yelled Stoker as the driver jumped back to the patient and took over the first aid. “This man is about to die!”

“I can’t!” protested the radio operator, as he watched corporal Stoker jump out of the jeep with bloody hands. “I have orders from the general to—” Stoker’s gory hand reached for the radio and the operator lurched back in fear.

Stoker took over the radio and hit the transmit button. “Deathstalker, this is Medic Alpha Six. Over.”

A moment later, the pilot responded to Stoker’s call. “Medic Alpha Six, this is Deathstalker.”

“Roger,” Stoker said. “I’m a medic with an Airborne Ranger in critical condition, requesting you turn that helicopter around. I need medevac and I need that doctor. Over.”

“Standby, Medic Alpha Six,” came the pilot’s reply. Silently, Stoker waited and hoped. “That’s a roger, Medic Alpha Six.” Relief flooded through Stoker. “Ground control. This is Deathstalker. Landing site clear, over?” Stoker started to hand the blood-covered radio microphone back to the radio operator, but he would not touch it. So Stoker shoved the device to within three inches of the radio operator’s mouth, turned his head to glance at the empty landing zone, and started to key the microphone so the squeamish radio operator could issue the response.

Who is Stoker’s mentor, Errol Rivera, M.D.? Now Colonel Rivera, he remembers some of his 1992 helicopter pilot history.

“Are you ignoring a direct order, Captain?”

“No, sir. I was ignoring you momentarily while I consider your direct order,” Rivera said, turning his attention to some navigation systems for a few seconds.

“I will court martial you, Captain!”

Rivera smiled confidently and sent the helicopter into a rapid five hundred foot descent. After leveling out, he turned to the accountant who also happened to be a colonel, who was now very nauseated. “Now, I’m ignoring your order! I’ll see you at the proceedings, sir!”