Title: The Alpha Choice (The Te’an Trilogy)
Author: M.D. Hall
Price: FREE till Nov 08,2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(6)

Despite a warning received three thousand years ago, a recent and bizarre encounter with the mysterious Balg forces the Te’an Supreme Council to make a choice. Preoccupied with the rapacious appetites of a pampered populace, they are completely unaware of consequences sweeping far beyond the parochial concerns of the local galactic arm.
Their decision sets in motion seven life and death choices, and one of them is capable of creating an echo to reverberate through every part of the Universe.
Seven and a half thousand light years away, on Earth, two men find themselves at opposite ends of a nightmare. Jon is spirited from his bed in the dead of night. Hugo is approached in his office during broad daylight. Each is tasked with saving the world, but one might yet destroy it.
The protagonists of Te’ath and Earth encounter scheming and treachery on all sides. Trust is at a premium, and before the end they will discover that evil is not always ugly, nor is it obvious.

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