Title: A Sharia London
Author: Vinay Kolhatkar
Price: FREE
US Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 stars(31)

She is undercover, a hijab-clad bohemian rescuing teenagers from ISIS

“This novel is a rarity these days: plotting, imagery, dialogue, scene-setting, characterization — all masterfully done. I couldn’t put it down.”–P. Cresswell, Editor, Not PC

“A Sharia London elevates a great thriller into literary Romanticism.”–W. Donway, Founder, Romantic Revolution Books

“Expect to be upset by this book, to be shocked, to be excited – and to enjoy every minute of the experience.”–M.M. Lewis, Entrepreneur Coach

Outwardly, Jamila is a picture of Islamic conservativeness. But the young, beautiful, bohemian has long become an apostate. Using her face veil and hijab to stay undetected, she rescues young women from being sold to ISIS.

But then, she falls in love. Will her cover be blown?

Can her lover, a politically correct, mild-mannered lecturer, transform into a ferocious crusader? It may be the only way to rescue the rescuer against all odds, as she throws caution to the wind.