Title: A Dead Red Heart (The Dead Red Mystery Series, Book 2)
Author: RP Dahlke
Price: £0.99
Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 stars(24)

Lalla Bains certainly doesn’t need any more distractions during the simmering summers in the San Joaquin Valley of California; her tight-wad, widowed father is now a born-again lady’s man, a disreputable crop-dusting competitor threatens her business, and last but not least, she worries whether the sultry redhead in the local police department is taking more than a professional interest in her honey, Sheriff Caleb Stone.
But when a homeless vet is stabbed and dies at her feet, Lalla Bains, Aero-Ag pilot and amateur sleuth, is determined to do a better investigation than he’s presently getting with the local police department. The only problem with that idea is that the killer has plans for this nosy sleuth.