Title: A Cat Out of Egypt: The Prequel to Yeshua’s Cat (Yeshua’s Cats)
Author: C.L. Francisco
Price: FREE till 23 Nov 2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

A Cat Out of Egypt: The Prequel to Yeshua’s Cat

“On a cold winter’s night when the heavens almost seemed to reach down and touch the Earth, a child was born in a stable . . . and many miles away, as her last kitten struggled into the world, the Great Cat Who Is Bast saw the star and wondered.”

C.L. Francisco’s new novel, A Cat Out of Egypt, is a magical tale of Jesus’ “lost” years in Egypt. The feline narrator, Miw, is an Egyptian cat from the great temple at Bubastis, born under the Christ Child’s star. After corrupt priests plot her death, Miw escapes with Tikos, priestess of Bast, to a Jewish village, where Miw’s battle against a deadly scorpion wins the gratitude of Yeshua’s family. But when Tikos faces down an Egyptian mob, she betrays their location. She and Miw flee south, and Yeshua’s family, warned in a dream to leave Egypt, go with them. Pursuit escalates until both Egyptians and Romans are spreading nets to catch Miw, and a cadre of dark priests who stalked Yeshua at his birth stumble onto his trail while tracking Miw. A powerful Nabataean caravan leader joins Miw in defending Yeshua and his family against forces determined to destroy the child before he can reach Israel. The peril overshadowing his friends drives Yeshua deep within himself to realize many of his gifts at an early age, quickening self-awareness far beyond his years.

A Cat Out of Egypt is the second in the series, Yeshua’s Cats, the prequel to The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat, a story of Jesus of Nazareth told by a cat he carries hidden in his robes. Yeshua’s Cat has received consistently enthusiastic reviews since its publication in November, 2013, including 4½-star reviews from both Indie Reader and Self Publishing Review. Like Yeshua’s Cat, A Cat Out of Egypt combines theological subtlety, historical accuracy, and the perceptive observations of a companion cat.