Title: 25 Tools for a Happier Life: An Interactive Book With Guided Visualizations, Meditations, Inspiration and Spiritual Insights
Author: Melissa Field
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Each section of this book contains two parts. The first, and main part, is the written inspiration. These vary in length, some many pages long and containing personal stories of my own triumphs and failures. Others are shorter and created to be read more frequently, for a burst of inspiration and good energy.

At the bottom of each piece of writing is the second part, the link to a related video (or sometimes videos). These videos contain things such as Hawaiian prayers for forgiveness, guided visualizations for feeling divine love in your body, and meditations to support and grow your spiritual awakening.

The visualizations and guided meditations all utilize unique concepts that I designed from a decade of studying meditation and spiritual awakening. I create my meditations with the intention that they serve both your soul’s journey and your journey as a person here in this world.

I believe spiritual awakening is so much more than learning to slow down and tune into the present moment. It’s something that uplifts and opens your spirit into its full expression while also being something that enhances your physical life. It can help you to feel more passionate about the things that you love and to feel more comfortable in your own skin. When we are awake to the fullness of our being we feel more capable of going for the things that we want to go for. Spiritual awakening essentially awakens us to the highest potential and joy possible in our daily life.

Amongst the videos, there are 7 guided visualizations and meditations, which are all one of a kind. This uniqueness is part of my process, as it helps you to gently move beyond what you know and to open up to new beliefs and thought patterns that will benefit you. For example, in the Higher Self visualization you will tune into seeing a grid that extends through the whole Universe.

There are 11 exercises that you can use for various times in your life. Some will help you to move out of fear. Others will help you to break out of a funk. Some will energize you and help you to tune into yourself better.

The remaining videos contain inspiration and tips that will deepen your experience with the words you read. It is all designed to work together. You will notice that I visit some of the same topics a few times, and this is intentional. This book is meant to help you create new rivers of thought in your mind, and the best way to do this is through repetition.

I see this as a book that you can refer to long after you purchase it. It’s the kind of thing you take your time with, reading sections and trying videos as you feel called to. It was created over many years of writing, and thus it covers a wide variety of topics, which are all interrelated. I sincerely enjoyed putting it together, and I hope you enjoy interacting with it just as much.